Until Next Time!

If you have followed my blog throughout the past weeks I hope you have found it as entertaining and interesting as I have.  I hope you have enjoyed watching me grow in political knowledge and as a blogger in general. 

Now that the election is over I don’t know what I can do with my spare time. Now I won’t be glued to the news watching Romney or President Obama give a speech or analysts criticize both of them.

I have enjoyed this blog project while sitting in the comfort of my dorm room at my southern university watching the news and drinking coffee.  I am sad to say this will be the last post made by yours truly, homeless America. I hope that I have helped to open the eyes of many of my peers to our national debt crisis.

From this day forward, I will remain hopeful that one day us Americans can watch our debt clock diminish and slowly pass that 0 dollar mark from the mountainous 16,243,035,256,500 mark that we are at right this very moment.

Thank you,

-Homeless America




I just want to take a few minutes to reflect back on this past four weeks.  Before this project I was almost completely illiterate when I comes to politics. I had no expreience as a blogger, and I was not looking forward to blogging about politcs for a month.

BUT, when all is said and done I have learned a few things.  1. I can educate myself on matters that only a few weeks before were foreign to me. 2. Politics is something that is easy to get passionate about, (you should have seen my twitter last night). 3. This blog project has given me a whole knowledge base on a topic I never would’ve guessed I would have. 4. I can become a “thinker” or problem solver if you would with just a little knowledge and research of a specific topic. I feel like overall this project will help me throughout my studies at my university in my ability to analyze and see “the other side” in a debate or any situation for that matter.


Before I began to blog about this subject this is what I knew about the national debt:




But now!…

I have a whole knowledge base plastered into my brain about politics and more specifically, the national debt crisis in America.

I know the we currently have over 16 trillion dollars of debt to our name.

I know that we are not going to climb out of this deep, deep hole we’ve dug ourselves anytime soon.

I know both of our presidential candidates had economic plans, and neither of them would begin to lower the deficit in the next four years.

I know the two different plans that each of the candidates proposed.

I know what the fiscal cliff is and how it will affect us in 2013.

I am now able to clearly explain the debt and how it affects each and everyone of us Americans.

I know tons of stats about the national debt and how it has exponentially grown since 1990.

I know that every 4 years now til I die I will have a ballot submitted in each presidential election, because it does matter.

I know that SOMEONE better do SOMETHING about this debt, and I hope that it is not already so out of control that my great great grandchildren will have to be dealing with it.

-Homeless America


Politcs isn’t only debt?

Although I am surprisingly interested in politics now, I am by no means an expert.  I know a lot about the national debt and what is going on in that department but in terms of other political subjects I am not up to par. But! Thankfully, I have a few colleagues that are knowledgeable in other departments. Check them out!


http://412steelcity.wordpress.com/ – This girl is one of the most knowledgeable people I personallly know when it come to Question Equality. If you want to know anything about gay marriage equality, a little about healthcare, and a lot about discrimination then definitely  check this page out.  She has been covering these topics about as long as I have been studying the debt and she has became much more advanced in the subject.  For it or against it? She’s got the answers for both.


http://offtheturniptruck.wordpress.com/HEALTHCARE! Anything you want to know, think you know, and are going to learn about healthcare will be found on this page. Different views, paths for America, and the current system for healthcare is discussed on this page.   Very interesting and easy to read blogs are found here, check it out!


http://immigrationstation2012.wordpress.com/ -Everything about immigration can be found here at the immigration station.  The colleague of mine has studied the world of immigration more in depth than I ever hope to go.  She discusses where and how much immigration is needed throughout the United States and also give insight to possible solutions to our problems!

Still Hungry for National Debt News?

If you have been following me and keeping up with my blog over the past month or so you have probably began to create your own opinion about what we could possibly do about this monstrous debt and how important it is that SOMETHING is done.

In case you’re new to the blog or you want to gather some more information here are some extended readings that I have kept up with over the course of this blog to help me make my stance on the issue.



http://www.defeatthedebt.com/ -This site is mainly an overview of the national debt as a whole.  It has lots of facts about the debt such as who we owe money to, how much we owe, how did the debt get so large, what we can do to lower or debt (or at least slow its rate of growth).  This page strictly covers the debt it does not cover other political issues it is mainly to inform the public about our current situation.  I have found it very helpful as well as interesting throughout the past month in helping me gain the knowledge that I have today.


http://www.usdebtclock.org -This site only has EVERY single type of national debt you can think of. Per capita, GDP, population, absolutely anything you want to know about, statistic wise, can be found on this one page.  I use this site to check a lot of facts that I find in random articles, I find my self checking this website almost every single morning just to check stuff out.  It is very interesting to see how things can grow day by day, or even, second by second.


Turn on the tube!
 -Another way to check out the latest news in the national debt department all you have to do is press the power button.  I watch the evening or morning news and almost every time I do, national debt is mentioned, somewhere, somehow.  This is such a large issue in todays society that it is hard not to talk about.  So this is another source that I used to gain more and more knowledge about my topic.




I’ve been voting! This is the first election I’ve been able to vote and definitely the first election that I’ve actually been educated enough to know what the heck was going on.  …Kind of exciting…

Never thought that I would EVER be excited to doing something political, maybe next I’ll run for president..

I’ve been sitting in front of my TV since polls closed at roughly 7:30 and barking every time I see my candidate down in votes or in the electoral college.

Anyways, I definitely feel like the topic I’ve been covering the past four weeks was a huge part of the election and that it has had an impact on many voters.  I am glad that I was about to become much more knowledge in the world of politics as well as prove to myself that something that was at first so boring and plain can become something that intrigues me and makes me want to get involved!

No matter who our president is tonight, THEY BETTER START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS DEBT.
Or they might have to get ahold of this URL and let it smack them around a little bit.

Of course, in four years I am not as hopeful to say that we will be celebrating the vanishing 16.2 trillion dollars of debt, BUT I am hopeful enough to say the in 2016 we are not celebrating  22 or maybe even 23 trillion dollars of debt.  If that is the case, I will more than likely be back, with many more harsh words, hair pulling and kicking.

Road Trip: Day Two

I would like to take a look at our nation’s debt as an unresolved problem,  a problem that just keeps growing and growing and growing and… growing.

This may be the path the we are currently on.  I hope you had a chance to watch the road trip analogy video below because I really feel like this helps explain the problem very well.  Instead of the nation’s debt continuing the way it is we need to find a way to slow it, I doubt we are going to be able to cut the nations budget enough to start eliminating our debt but it is an absolute must that we slow its rate of growth.

Just like you have to set aside a certain amount of money to pay for you phone bill, insurance, and groceries America has many things to pay for.  For this reason, we have to have analytical experts figure out what and how much money America can spend on certain things.  They have millions of things to think about, everything from defense to energy, health to homeland security they have to be smart with America’s money.  By our 16.6 trillion dollars of debt I would say that they have not done the best job.

If our debt continues to grow we will soon be in way over our heads.  This article is a very well written article that stated some VERY interesting stats about our nations debt and where we could possibly be headed. Here are just a few:

If right this moment you went out and started spending one dollar every single second, it would take you more than 31,000 years to spend one trillion dollars.

During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more new debt than it did from the time that George Washington became president to the time that Bill Clinton became president.

If Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the U.S. government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for 15 days.